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3M 2071 P95 Filter  Respirators / 6000 or 7500 Series / Filters and Cartridges
3M 2071 P95 Filter

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The 3M 2071 is a P95 particulate filter to fit the 3M 6000 and 7500 series masks. A P95 is intended for general purpose dust applications. Our customers use these when cleaning up the shop, sweeping a dusty warehouse or working in a dusty field. The idea is that it offers the same filtration as one of our dust masks, but with the good fit that you get with a half mask respirator. As you know, if the filter could stop the particle but it gets around the side because of a poor seal against the face, then the purpose has been defeated.

The "P" indicates that this filter is "oil proof". By that we mean that oil mist, such as found in oil based paints, will not interfere with the electrostatic properties that the filter uses to trap particles. The "95" refers to the relative efficiency of the filter. That is, 95% of particles .3 microns and larger will be trapped by the filter media. This would be used for most common dusts, including silica. For lead or asbestos, step up to a
3M 2091 P100 rated filter. Packaged and sold by the pair.

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